About HoverNet

Hovernet is based on a hovercraft racing game that was originally released in the mid-90s. The game became open source and we decided to maintain a version of it.

Players meet up in the Internet Meeting Room and can start new races or join races that are about to start.

When the game starts you have a few seconds to choose your craft. Faster crafts are better on some tracks but slower crafts are easier to control so may be more useful on other tracks. Fuel usage is also something you need to consider when selecting a craft. You can change craft by pressing the left and right arrow keys during the seconds before the race starts.

The racing controls are simple. Shift makes you go forward, up makes you jump and the left and right arrows steer your craft. The tab key lets you choose your weapon/booster and the ctrl button fires that off. The down arrow acts as a brake and will slow you down.

When you finish a race your times are recorded. So you will be able to keep a record of your lap times and results.