Download HoverNet

Windows Installer (English) - This download will install HoverNet for Windows (last updated 16/12/2015)

Dutch Edition - Open Hover in the Dutch Language. Thanks to Luc for creating and providing this package.

Cheat Edition - This is a version of Hover with some cheats enabled. We're only at alpha, so it's no big deal yet. You can fly, drive pretty fast and your fuel usage is alot more 'efficient' ;-)

Source Code - This is the source code. I've included all libraries needed to compile in Visual Studio 2003 and up, so it should just be a matter of opening the solution file. If you need any help then feel free to contact me. As this is a hobby project I don't really see any point wasting my time with github etc, but if more developers decide to get on board then that is an option I will consider in future. This version uses MFC and therefore wont work out of the box in Visual Studio Express, so if you're looking to use that then you might be better compiling a source from Their version doesn't come with any compilation instructions, so you might need to talk to them or manually find the various libraries/compilers.


Here are some tools which may be useful for people who want to play around with Hover:

Audacity - Audicity is a pretty good open source sound editor. It can be used to make sounds for the game, convert audio formats or for simple recording.

Axe - Axe is a powerful hex editor which has been used in the past by people to make cheats and discover new things about the game.

Resource Hacker - This program lets people change how some windows programs look. It lets you modify the forms and some of the resources in programs. It has been used in the past by players to make the game look prettier and to change things within the game.

TS-404 - TS-404 is a nifty little oscillator program that is good for generating sound effects. This can be used along with other tools to generate sounds for the game.