Subspace Continuum - Back in the 1990's, when people actually played Hover, there was another game being developed and beta tested. Subspace is still available today and has a much larger community of players. The main mission is to fly a spaceship and kill people on the opposing team but there are also capture the flag and powerball zones.

BattleCity - Battlecity is another popular multiplayer game which was orginally developed in the 90's and is still popular today (unlike OpenHover and HoverRace). It's a real-time strategy game where you build your own city, form alliances and try to take over the Battlecity world.

Team Extreme - One of the best HoverRace teams during the 1990s

HoverNet 2 - This is an Interesting site from around 2001. HoverNet 2 was a 3rd party application that players used to enhance their Hover experience. The site also provided some information about running a Hover server. Please note, the HoverNet site was written when most people still had dial-up Internet so couldn't run a proper IMR from their own computers. Alot of information on the HoverNet page is outdated and a little inaccurate but it's still fun to read. Since then we've come a long, long way in understanding the code and how things work. HoverNet 2 was written in 2001 using Visual Basic and HoverNet 1 was written in 1998 using VDS. The HoverNet 1 site no longer exists. HoverNet NG is a continuation of that project but now integrates the game's C++ code with extensions in Java, PHP/MariaSQL and AJAX.